A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a settler on an island and have to prepare for the inevitable viking invasion. You start with NOTHING (but one meeple). Gather resources, build huts to get more meeples and build up your defense so that you are ready for the vikings!

Totally not Settlers is a turnbased strategy game in which you can move little meeples and build different kinds of buildings. The only thing that counts in the end are the buildings that will give you defense points. But in order to build as much of them as possible you will have to get more meeples and build up your production!

Camera movement: hold middle or right mouse button to pan
Next turn: press space or enter to end your current turn (or click on the GUI button ;)

Created by Chasing Carrots Jam Devision in Godot:
Dominik Schneider
Paul Lawitzki
Marc Mehlitz

The icons are from https://game-icons.net/ (CC BY 3.0)


TotallyNotSettlers_windows.zip 14 MB
TotallyNotSettlers_mac.zip 17 MB
TotallyNotSettlers_linux.zip 16 MB

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